Humans, engaged.

Icebreaker time is a simple and intuitive way to keep your teams, coworkers and friends engaged.

700+ companies use it on a daily basis, including 200+ non-profit organizations!

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Icebreaker time

The simple and effective way to create engagement with any group of humans

🚀 Icebreaker time has 1400+ engaging and fun questions!

💡 Create engagement in teams asynchronously, synchronously during meetings, or during any kind of social time!

🥑 Super simple to use: just type /icebreaker on any channel or private chat to get a question.

🤓 Daily usage of icebreaker time will boost people to learn from each other, get to know each other better by finding things in common, thus creating a more engaging and friendly environment.

🔒 Secure: we can't read any messages on your Slack instance as we don't ask for any permissions besides creating a slash command (all the other icebreaker bots do)

❤️ If you're looking for a way to keep everyone engaged, icebreaker time is here to help you. Try it out!

Pricing Plan

Simple, just like our app


  • 1400+ questions
  • Fun moments
  • Learning moments
  • Engaged humans
  • Further development
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